Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Dec 15

This month I’m hoping some of you can use what I made.  It didn’t thrill me.  I split it into minis by color because it made more sense that way, but I zipped the whole thing together for those who want all three pieces.

As far as terms of use go, the papers are mine, but I used CU brushes.  The tree borders, glitter trees, and the green cardboard tree are my own extractions, so feel free to use them how you wish.  The rest of the elements are recolors from Pixel Scrapper, so they cannot be used except in your own work. Happy December, and make sure you visit Pixel Scrapper to get all the rest of the goodness.

Full kit


Red mini


Green mini


Blue mini


9 thoughts on “Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Dec 15

  1. Darcie, while your contribution might not thrill you, look at it in combination with the rest of the kit that everyone else has created. Your portion is beautiful. The metallic frames will be great with the metallic word art I did, for someone who wants to do a really shimmery page. The paper on the right in the green set looks like it’d be a nice second paper on a page where someone’s used Betsy Bush/Dragonfire Graphics’ paint stamps. The bows and ribbons are useful in any layout with the kit. Your cardboard tree would be great as a base if someone wanted to mix it with ornament elements, or will make a nice piece to fill a pocket page section and use as a journaling tag. I love all of your tree papers, but the blue one especially has that ability of being a not-horribly busy background that adds just the right touch of shimmer and sparkle to a page; it’d be great as the top paper of a stacker that has a busier paper in it. So don’t sell yourself short; they’re all quality pieces individually, and will really shine in combination.

    Watch the layout challenges thread for the blog train; I’m sure someone will use your papers and elements somewhere.


  2. Thank you so much Darcie. I would be delighted if I was even 10% as talented as you x x And thank you for sharing with us. I don’t know why you’re disappointed with your creation; I LOVE IT x x Blessings x x Anthea in Botswana

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  3. Thank you so much Darcie! I particularly like the blue mini as a whole, but also love the sponged paper and the multi-coloured Christmas trees in the green mini and the Christmas Tree and candy cane papers in the red. I also like the metallic frames. You may not be happy with it, but I’m very happy you shared your time and talent with us! I wish I could design, and maybe someday I will, but until then, I really appreciate what you and all the other designers come up with for the rest of us!

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  4. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful portion of the blog train. I love the red scrolling trees, the colorful stamped backgrounds and the frosty blue is my favorite. I aspire to design but trying to find the time to learn and do everything else is daunting. I count on all of you to make my pages “shine” and your kit will do that! thanks for making this available to ALL of us. Happy Holidays

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