We Believe Blog Train Dec 2015

I apologize for the late post; I just switched computers and had to find the login information for my FTP server.

Without further ado, the post this month is in two pieces.  You can download them individually or as a whole, so there are three downloads.



Full kit: Download here

Mini: Download here

Word art: Download here

Enjoy! And go visit the other ladies on the blog train:

 A-M Designs

Dreamn4ever Designs

Jemimas Digital Boutique

Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Dec 15

This month I’m hoping some of you can use what I made.  It didn’t thrill me.  I split it into minis by color because it made more sense that way, but I zipped the whole thing together for those who want all three pieces.

As far as terms of use go, the papers are mine, but I used CU brushes.  The tree borders, glitter trees, and the green cardboard tree are my own extractions, so feel free to use them how you wish.  The rest of the elements are recolors from Pixel Scrapper, so they cannot be used except in your own work. Happy December, and make sure you visit Pixel Scrapper to get all the rest of the goodness.

Full kit


Red mini


Green mini


Blue mini