Ruth, Loyal Friend – We Believe Blog Train Oct 15


Direct download available here

The rest of the blog train:

A-M Designs

Dreamn4ever Designs

Jemimas Digital Boutique



5 thoughts on “Ruth, Loyal Friend – We Believe Blog Train Oct 15

  1. Oh, yay, a wordpress blog, so I can comment and ask a question. I love your kit, and most of the other ones I see on blog trains. I just don’t know what to do with them! Are they for a program, such as My Memories? Or do I print them out for paper scrap booking? Or is there something else?


    1. You could print them for paper scrapbooking. I think most people use them to design entire pages in programs like Photoshop and then print the pages. I do Project Life scrapbooking, myself, so I am collecting digital kits to eventually turn into journal cards when I have the urge to design some. I find that as beautiful as the PL cards are, they just don’t have cards for every palette and event, so I started making my own. That led me to and, where I have been making blog train kits for practice. I hope this answers your question. The forums on both of those sites are great resources if you’d like more information.


  2. Beautiful colors!!! Love love love the angel wings!!! They are beautiful!!! The frames, vine, and flowers are just lovely!!! Love the cross!!! The alpha is just beautiful!!! The papers are just gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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