Project Life album 2015 to date

I probably don’t do my Project Life album “the right way,” if such a way exists.  When I first discovered PL, every week or so or after every event, I’d print out pictures, do my layout, and wait eagerly for the next time I had something to put in the album.  And like it always does, life got in the way of keeping up!

I’m about a month behind on pictures, and the last month I believe I have completed is April.  Since April, I got married, started working at home and learning all the parts of that job, started a free online digital scrapbooking class, started this blog, and was diagnosed diabetic during the week from family hospital drama hell, so I’ve been busy.

Here are some of the highlights of my pages this year so far:

Amazon had some flash sales around Christmas time last year, so Scott bought me 5 core kits @ $12/each!  I don’t always stick to one kit or color scheme, as long as I like the way the page looks.

This layout was made with cards I downloaded online and cards from the Cobalt edition.

I’ve been dabbling in making some scrapbooking things myself, and the “outdoors” sticker is one of the first things I made.  I love words on pictures!

Sometimes I have a whole page I need to fill and no idea what to put there.  In this case, since Scott is always taking pictures of the cat, I made him his own page, even though it doesn’t go with the chronological format I usually use.

“Thankful for you” is one of the first cards I made myself.

I still hand-write my journal cards.  It makes the experience more hand-made when flipping through the album.

The bridal shower pages are all themed, using black and white, because it worked with most of the pictures.  I don’t always theme my pages using one kit or one color scheme, but I like this one a lot.

Starting with May, I have pictures in the book in layouts where I want them, waiting for me to add cards and stickers when life slows down a bit.

And if you don’t use these envelopes, I highly recommend them!  I use them to hold extra pictures that wouldn’t fit in my layouts, greeting cards, programs, love notes, etc.

One thing I notice I don’t do a lot of is embelish on top of my photos.  This is something I definitely will work on in the future, now that I’ve noticed how it’s lacking.

Should I post some of my pages from 2014, back when I had more time?  Happy scrapping!


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