Playing with the Project Life App

I have always been a bit crafty, and I’ve dabbled in one art form or another over the years.  I was the kid who always collected markers, crayons, construction paper, etc, but then had no idea what to do with them.  I was fascinated by crafty things, but lacking in inspiration.

Let’s see, I can cross stitch and I’ve tried to crochet. No matter how hard I try, I can only crochet a straight line and I can’t keep my tension consistent, so I never tried to learn knitting.  I’ve quilted by machine and by hand, but it’s time consuming and by the time I’m done making the sandwich, I’m usually ready to move onto something else.  I love picking out the pattern, cutting it out, and sewing it back together, but then I lose interest and either have to send it out to be quilted or let it languish in a box somewhere.  I’ve been working on a beautiful rail fence baby quilt that I sewed on machine and have been hand quilting for ten years now.  I know, shame on me.  When I made my last big move in 2012, I got into making beaded bracelets and giving them to all the people I was close to and the people I worked with so they could look at them and remember me.  I barely picked up my bead box after I moved.

Scrapbooking was always hard for me because I didn’t know how to make a 12×12 page look interesting. I felt like I kept doing the same thing with every page I made, so I just threw everything into photo albums and left them alone.  Last July I found Project Life, and I have been hooked ever since!

Here are a few pages I made with the Project Life App for iPhone.   First, my family at my wedding, starring me, Scott, Mom, Dad, Papa, my sister, Stacy, and my niece, Scarlet.

This one is a page featuring my best friend’s family.  I’ve known Joy since we were in kindergarten, and she’s amazing.  Thad is her husband, and the goofy girls are Emily, Taylor, and Lauren.  Actually, in the first pic it goes Taylor, Lauren, Joy, Emily 🙂    I made a spread with Scott’s best friend’s family, also.  David was Scott’s best man, Candace was a jr. bridesmaid, and Bennett was our ringbearer.  David’s wife, Ashlie, had to carry Bennett down the aisle cause he fell asleep 🙂  I cleaned the porch about a month ago, and decided we needed some flowers around this place.  I bought all the ones you see here with the exception of the rose and the daisies.  The rose has been in front of the house for years and I found the lovely field of daisies in an abandoned parking lot, believe it or not. Emily is a patient ambassador at Shriner’s in Erie, so when the hospital decided to participate in the Highmark Walk, Emily formed a team centered around her business, Beads 4 Needs.  Yes, I said her business.  Her idea, start to finish, has raised almost $50,000 for Shriner’s over the past three years!  Using one of Becky Higgins’s cards for a different variation on the flower page.  A day in the life.  My friend Bill turned 90, so we went out after church to celebrate his birthday, then my mom and I stopped to see her friend, who manages a local ice cream place.  Great day.  See, Mom, I told you I wouldn’t share this on Facebook 🙂  Some fun Joy and the kids had with a prop from our wedding photo booth!  Taylor Swift @ Heinz Field with my honey, one of the few brave men in the stadium 🙂  Hope you’ve enjoyed my layouts.  I watched Becky Higgins on Periscope yesterday and she said hopefully if we keep sending our feedback, we can get some of the things we want integrated into the app, like the ability to make text boxes on the photos and add elements.  Can’t wait to see that enhancement!


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